Sports Card/Collectible Values

Sports cards and sport card memorabilia perceived values are mainly dependent upon supply and demand. This applies to Baseball card values, Basketball card values, Football card values etc. However, supply is a big variable. For example, at the beginning of a product’s release period, there is limited supply as very little product is opened and prices may be high for a “hot” player. Normally, as an increase in quantity gets in to the marketplace, the price will stabilize. If the number of sellers exceeds the number of buyers, the result is card values may decline. Future card values of Rookies is impacted by selection to the Hall of Fame. Also, since Graded Cards are much more limited (lower supply), their value is usually higher.

Sports Card - Collectible ValuesBeckett’s Monday Morning Collector:NFL-is a must NFL Rookie Card read!!!!!   Every Monday Morning throughout the NFL season, Beckett will pick a rookie, veteran and breakout player of the week.

Over time, publications such as Tuff Stuff (Baseball card prices, Basketball card Prices, Football card prices, Hockey card prices, Entertainment card prices and, Figurine prices and Collectible prices) identify e.g.,  “Beckett Hot Lists” which may recommend  “buy”, “hold” and “sell” actions and prices.  Ultimately, competition or demand in the marketplace is what determines the value of the sports cards sale and/or purchase.  Both companies publish price guides and Beckett has a sports card guide online.  Also, see  Vintage Card Prices .

Depending on the player, production quantities and perceived value, cards may be submitted for Grading to an independent “third” party. The higher the grade, the more valuable the card.

Sports Card - Collectible ValuesFor example, a key rookie card #1 for Ken Griffey Jr. is his 1989 Upper Deck card.  A key rookie card #138 of Kobe Bryant is his 1996-97 Topps Chrome card.   According to the 2012 Beckett GRADED CARD Price Guide 2nd Edition, below are prices listed (except BGS 10 for Kobe Bryant):


1989 Upper Deck  #1

1996-97 Topps Chrome #138


Ken Griffey Jr. RC

Kobe Bryant RC

BGS 8.5



BGS 9.0 Mint



BGS 9.5 Gem Mint



BGS 10 Pristine



*Sold for on Beckett MarketPlace in April 2008

The above is a classic example of supply and demand.

Sports Card - Collectible ValuesWhy should someone buy Graded Cards? Trimming and counterfeiting are problems that face the hobby.  Graded cards,  from the reputable companies, are a wise investment.

Many of our cards are Graded by the various manufacturers.  We offer some of the best prices on Graded Sports Cards on the Internet.


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